Introducing Domain Map - The Domain Modelling Tool

Modelling a domain is not easy. And even trickier is how we can jot down our findings in a useful manner. We can write things on post-its, notepad, OneNote or diagramming software. I’ve tried all of those and yet something was missing. I needed a tool optimised for Domain Driven Design modelling and the surrogates were lacking. Something like OneNote is good enough until you need to easily navigate from a relevant concept to another and digramming ends up with something that looks very similar to object oriented design (which is not DDD).

So, I’ve decided to build my own tool, one that will make any domain modeller’s life easier. Enter Domain Map. It’s a MVP (but with enough features) beta at this moment and you only need a Github account to use it. It’s free so give it a try and don’t be shy with feedback or suggestions.