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DDD Concepts As One Liners

Bounded Context : all models sharing the same domain language


  • DDD's command model representing a domain concept or a relationship between domain concepts
  • a consistency boundary around a domain concept, often represented as an object graph (from Mathias)

Aggregate Root: a part of the Aggregate in charge of enforcing the aggregate's consistency and acts as its 'representative'

Entity: a business object representing a domain concept with a stable identity throughout changes over time

Value Object: an immutable object representing a (composite) value that has domain significance

Domain Service: encapsulation of pure domain behaviour that doesn't have its own persisted state e.g calculate tax

Application Service: acts as an adapter between the app's clients and the domain

Domain Event: a data structure representing one domain change

Repository : the object responsible for persisting/loading aggregates

Criteria: it tells the Repository what kind of aggregates to retrieve

Specification: an implementation of a business rule aspect

Eventual Consistency: a process involving multiple aggregates modifies (and persists) one aggregate at the time, but not in an atomic fashion

Unit of Work: basically, an anti pattern

CQRS: have one model (behaviour and data) handling business state changes and at least one other model handling query use cases

Event Sourcing: express business state as a stream of events

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