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Http Module Dependecy Injection with Autofac Gotcha

Using a HttpModule with constructor dependency is not a problem with HttpModuleMagic . What is a problem is that the modules are treated as singletons and are shared by all requests. And when that dependency is a repository which uses a database, you have a more subtle problem. What can you do?

First of all, the dependency must become a factory (method) so that every time you need an instance of the repository, you invoke the factory. The interesting fact is that the factory instance will be treated as a singleton as well. Using Autofac i've registered the repository this way.


The http module has the constructor

public UserRightsModule(Func<IUserRightsRepository> repository)

Autofac knows how to supply the Func dependency without other configuration, however there is a problem. First time, everything works well, but refresh the page and you get a yellow screen. Something about lifetime scope being disposed. The gotcha is that Autofac container which supplies the dependency is valid ONLY for the first request. Then it gets disposed, but the module still has a reference to it: the Func<>.

To solve this problem we need to do this

builder.Register<Func<IUserRightsRepository>>(cc =>
                    return () =>

We configure Autofac to return this lambda which will always use the current request scoped container to create the repository. That is, for each request there is another container which will supply the dependency. Tricky stuff, read more about Autofac lifetime scope here .